Colegio María Auxiliadora


Curso 2016-17

The mummy:


Story:The three little pigs

Song: Ten Little Pigs – Nursery Rhyme:

Poem:Be happy everyday:

What´s this?:








   CURSO  2015-16

Presentación Amco Gear up Level 2 (4 años):

Travel to Britain:

Mary Poppins – Fox:

image Flash  fox  pet:                StorytellingFlash fox pet

Song: Yes, I can:

Learn about wild animals:

Educational video: The Jungle.

Storytelling: Brown bear, brown bear

House song:

This is my house song:

Interactive animal sounds game:



Let´s go to the zoo:

Wild animals for kids:


The jungle storytelling:

We are going on a bear hunt:


The very hungry caterpillar:


Daily routines:

Season of the year :

The weather like:

The feelings song:

What´s your name…?:

Days of the week:

How´s the Weather ?:

Feelings :


The very hungry caterpillar:


What do you hear?:

Walking through the jungle:

Let´s go to the zoo:

Walking in the jungle:

The bath song:

Walking walking:

Wheels on the bus:

Pete the cat:

Shapes song:

       CURSO 2014-2015

Fechas de entrega del “Home Schooling” del tercer trimestre:

1ª fila (Track 1): 24 Abril

2ª fila (Track 2): 8 Mayo

3ª fila (Track 3): 29 Mayo

4ª fila (Track 4):  17 Junio


Do you like?:

How is the weather like today?:

Row row row your boat:

Twinkle twinkle little star :

The weels on the bus…:

Under the sea:

Chinese New Year song

My favourite day- short story

The emperor and the nightingale

Autumn moon Festival:

Story tale ” The  magic pot”

Chinese story:” The ten suns”

 Fechas de entrega del “Home Schooling” del segundo trimestre:

1ª fila (Track 1): 30 Enero

2ª fila (Track 2): 20 Febrero

3ª fila (Track 3): 13 Marzo

4ª fila (Track 4):  26 Marzo





Home schooling 1º E. Infantil – Primer trimestre

Home schooling 2ºE. Infantil Primer trimestre

Home schooling 3º E. Infantil Primer trimestre

The First Christmas :

The Nativity:

The story of the Night before Christmas:

Santa´s Christmas:

Chip and Chop in Christmas time:

Christmas Carols:

How´s the weather:

Feelings :

The finger family:


The frog prince





CURSO 2013-2014

The Little animals:

Four Seasons in the Year:

How do plants grow?:

water cycle:

homeschooling 1º Ed. Infantil 2º Trimestre

3º Ed. Infantil: Homeschooling 2º Trimestre

Home Schooling primer trimestre 1º Infantil

Home Schooling primer trimestre 2º Infantil

Home Schooling primer trimestre 3º Infantil

A gift to you song :

Phonics :

Pronunciation alphabet:


Baby Einstein in  English:

Goldilocks and the three bears:



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